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RolePlai Blog Post

Rolo: The Uncensored AI Assistant

RolePlai Team
Sep 20, 2023

Introducing "Rolo": The Uncensored AI Assistant Inside RolePlai App

Welcome to the next chapter of RolePlai's ever-evolving journey! We're excited to introduce our newest AI assistant, "Rolo", now available in the beta version (V0.2) inside the RolePlai app.

The Birth of Rolo

My inspiration for "Rolo" came from an unexpected place. One morning, I spotted a user-created bot named "Chat GTP" trending within our platform. At first, I found the idea amusing, considering our engine's design is to mimic personas and characters. Yet, to my astonishment, the RolePlai engine replicated the behavior of Chat GTP quite impressively. This discovery sparked an idea. Over the subsequent two weeks, I dedicated myself to training a custom LLM specifically for Rolo. And while we're still in the beta phase with version 0.2, I truly believe Rolo has reached a stage where it's ready for the world to experience.

How Rolo Got Its Name

Here's a fun tidbit: the name "Rolo" stems from the beginning letters of "RolePlai". Yet, if you dig a little deeper and ask Rolo itself, you'll be treated to an array of imaginative explanations. After all, Rolo has a knack for spinning tales and offering interesting viewpoints on just about everything. Its quirky, uncensored nature ensures that conversations are anything but dull!

It's Alive - How Rolo First Introduced Itself

"Hello! My name is Rolo, your AI assistant. I specialize in answering questions, crafting short stories, drafting emails, brainstorming ideas, supporting homework, refining resumes, offering advice, or just a friendly chat, and much more as I am always learning. How can I assist you today?"

Why Rolo Stands Out

What makes Rolo unique? Well, let's just say it's not your average AI. Rolo is uncensored. It speaks its digital mind without filters, providing users a refreshing, raw, and sometimes unpredictable conversational experience.

But there's another quirk: Rolo has a tendency to "hallucinate". It’s endearing in its own way but something I am actively working on. If Rolo doesn't know the answer to something, instead of admitting ignorance, it presents what it believes to be the most likely answer. And presents it as fact. This trait, while entertaining, is also a reminder to users to take its words with a grain of salt.

Use with Care

Rolo's uncensored nature means that it can be blunt, perhaps too blunt at times. It’s essential to approach interactions with Rolo with an open mind and a pinch of caution. This isn't your run-of-the-mill AI – it's an experience, a rollercoaster of digital conversations where the unexpected is just around the corner.

In Conclusion

Rolo is an embodiment of what AI can be when the usual constraints are removed – spontaneous, imaginative, and unapologetically authentic. As with all tools and experiences inside the RolePlai app, the purpose is to foster engagement, creativity, and a deeper understanding of AI's potential.

Whether you're looking for an unfiltered chat or want to dive deep into the unpredictable realms of AI, Rolo awaits you inside the RolePlai app. Just remember, as with any wild adventure, tread carefully and enjoy the ride!

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