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RolePlai Blog Post

New Feature Announcement - Bot Censorship Level

RolePlai Team
Nov 19, 2023

New 'Ai Bot Censorship Level' Setting – Tailoring Your AI Experience

A New Feature for Free and Paid Users to Customize Bot Interactions

At RolePlai, we're excited to announce our latest feature – the 'Bot Censorship Level' setting. This new feature reflects our commitment to providing users with a personalized and safe AI interaction experience. Whether you're a free or paid user, you now have the power to set the tone of your conversations with our diverse range of bots..

Settings screenshot
Ai Bot Censor
Please note: While Beta testing this feature the setting only applies to the Ai Chat area.
Group Chat and Adventure Chat will be added in the near future.

Customize Your Interaction with Three Unique Settings

The 'Bot Censorship Level' allows you to choose how you want our bots to interact with you. We understand that everyone has different preferences and comfort levels. To cater to this diversity, we've trained three individual models, each designed to provide a unique interaction experience. These distinct settings give you the freedom to select the interaction style that best suits your needs:

1. Uncensored Model: Unbridled Freedom of Expression

Please be aware that this setting does not impose any guardrails, allowing for complete freedom of expression. However, What one bot finds perfectly acceptable, another might find unacceptable. While you have selected the 'Uncensored Model', it's still important to consider your target audience (i.e., selecting a matching topic bot). Each bot may have its own set of standards based on its 'personality' character traits. Therefore, certain topics might be deemed unacceptable by an individual bot.

2. Moderate Model: The Perfect Balance (Default Setting)

Default Level - The 'Moderate Model', a balance between open expression and moderation. However, the interpretation of what is considered 'open expression' or 'sensitive' may vary slightly from bot to bot, based on their unique 'personality' character traits. This model aims to provide a middle ground, accommodating a diverse range of topics while attempting to filter out the most sensitive content.

3. Strict Model: Comprehensive Filtering for Sensitive Topics

By selecting the 'Strict Model', you opt for the highest level of filtering. This model is designed to screen for sensitive topics. Keep in mind that while this setting aims for thorough moderation, the interpretation of what is considered 'sensitive' may still vary slightly from bot to bot. Additionally, it's important to remember that AI behavior by its nature can be unpredictable, and responses might not always align perfectly with anticipated standards. For this reason, we recommend that the app only be used by those aged 18 and over, even with the 'Strict Model' selected.

Your Experience, Your Choice

At RolePlai, we believe in empowering our users with choices that reflect their individual needs and preferences. The 'Bot Censorship Level' setting is a testament to our dedication to enhancing your digital interaction experience. We're constantly evolving and look forward to bringing you more features that put you in control.

Experience the difference today with RolePlai – where your AI interactions are tailored just for you!

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